Registration FAQ

Why can't I login using my account information?

Did you get the activation e-mail and successfully activate your account?

No? Please check your spam folder for the e-mail. If you still didn't get it, you can resend yourself the activation code. If this doesn't work, please contact us.

Yes? If your account has been activated, you should be able to login at usefulhealthtools.com. Remember to use your E-MAIL and not username.

Why didn't I get an activation e-mail?

If you already tried checking your spam folder and resending your activation code, then you may have signed up using the wrong e-mail. Please contact us so we can check the e-mail address in our system.

Useful Health Tools FAQ

Once I've signed up, how do I download the applications?

Login to your account at UsefulHealthTools.com. Once you log in, your account home will display all 9 apps in the Useful Health Tools suite. Select one of the apps to download it. The app page will have all the download links, for PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Nook.

Why can't I hear anything when I run the apps on my iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

There is a "Side switch" on the side of Apple devices above the volume button, you will find it is in the locked position which means it is set to mute, unlock it and the app should work normally. Even in the mute position music songs, YouTube will still have sound but certain apps (mostly games) will not, it depends on how they generate the sound, and you will hear all sounds if you use headphones.

We recommend that iPad users switch the "Use Side Switch to" to "Lock orientation" rather than "mute" in the General settings of the iPad.

Can I change the screen size when running the apps on my PC?

Hold down the Control (Ctrl) button while clicking the application. This will allow you to change the display size and graphics quality.